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A good start for Tenzor Team in the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022

The first stage of the largest European winter series Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022 set the tone for the season, bringing together a representative cast of participants – 40 teams from 15 countries, including many titled European crews.

Among the debutants of the regatta, the organizers of the competition – the Monaco Yacht Club – particularly noted the Russian team Tenzor Team. Champions of the National Sailing League 2021 and bronze medalists of the Tenzor Cup by PROyachting 2021 series – the Tenzor Team confirmed participation in all stages of the MSWS 2021/2022 winter series with two crews headed by skippers Andrey Pushkin with Tenzor Legal and Milena Nikitina with Tenzor Sport. The official partner of the Team for MSWS 2021/2022 became ERSO company and Tenzor Consulting Group.

The first race day opened the event with good sunny weather, a steady working easterly wind of 15-18 knots and a high wave. Three races held that day were enough to assess the peculiarities and difficulties of the water area. The tactician of the Tenzor Sport team, Daniil Odintsov, noted that the starting line was located near the shore, where there was a rip wave that pushed the boats into the wind. As a result, there were a lot of false starts, and even experienced helmsmen noted quite difficult race conditions.

The crew of Milena Nikitina received one disqualification due to a false start and at the end of the first day took the 15th position, and the crew of Andrei Pushkin received two disqualifications, in one of which he was not credited with the first arrival, which lowered the team’s position in the ranking to 32 places.

The second race day was successful, and both Tenzor Team crews significantly improved their standings. Andrey Pushkin’s team proved to be on top-level, winning the first race. The crew was not in the lead from the very beginning. They got off to a very good start, but the wind came a little to the right, while the Tenzor Legal boat was on the left side. At the first sign, they rounded fifth or sixth, but then they managed to break into the lead and bring the matter to victory.

Milena Nikitina’s Tenzor Sport, on the contrary, rounded the first mark in the lead, but then, on the tack, chose the wrong side and reached the finish line fifth according to the results.

The second race of the day, according to the team members, was quite a lottery. There was a very weak wind, a big wave, the boats were moving at a speed sometimes less than 1 knot. Both Tenzor Team boats finished only in the middle of the fleet.

Nevertheless, according to the results of two days, Milena Nikitina’s team rose by 7 positions, taking 8th place, and Andrei Pushkin’s crew won back 12 positions, becoming 20th in the overall ranking.

By the final day of the race, the Russian team was determined as much as possible to fight for high results. But the weather intervened. Due to the lack of wind in the waters of the Principality, the organizers were forced to cancel the final race day and calculate the final results based on the results of the past two days.

Andrey Pushkin (Tenzor Legal): “The regatta was held at a high level. It is a pity that it was not possible to hold the race on the final day, as we had high hopes for him. The level of the rival teams is very serious, but both of our crews showed decent competition: they took good starts and fought for the leading positions at each race. This is indicated by the results. We have won two races out of five, but we were not counted for the first one, so we failed in the final standings. With a different set of circumstances, we could finish the regatta in the top three. The second crew of the team finished the stage in the top ten, in 8th position, so the potential of the team is good. We will progress and continue to fight in the Series.”

The winners of the first stage of the Monaco winter series were local yachtsmen – the Jund team of Ludovico Fassitelli, the second result was the Spanish team of Pataki Luis Albert, and the Americans – the Good To team of Douglas Rastello closed the top three winners.

The second stage of the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022 will be held from December 9th to 12th at the Monaco Yacht Club.

Results Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022