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Among the strongest: Tenzor Legal took 5th place at the BWS stage in Barcelona!

From February 25th to 27th, Barcelona hosted the penultimate stage 5 of the Barcelona Winter Series 2021/2022.

The list of participants included 14 teams from Spain, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Portugal and Russia. As in previous stages, local teams were represented in the strongest staff.

The regatta on J/70 boats was held according to a shortened two-day program, but the organizers managed to hold a total of 7 races, saturating the sports component with a bright battles.

The Russian Tenzor Team was represented at this stage by the Tenzor Legal crew of Andrey Pushkin, Pavel Sozykin, Timofey Zubkov and Mikhail Yatsun.

The first race day turned out well – the Russians fought a tight battle in the group of leaders, won the second race, however, they slightly lost ground in the fourth race, placing the total points on the 6th position in the daily results protocol.  The second day was spent steadily and won back one position in the overall standings, taking the final 5th place. The podium was won by the strongest representatives of Spain – the teams Alcaidesa Marina (1st place), Tenaz (2nd place) and Monjo (3rd place).

Timofey Zubkov concluded the race: “This stage of the Barcelona Winter series  included two racing days, which were held in different weather conditions. On the first day there was a good northeast wind in the water area. We coped well with our tasks, marked the first arrival at the second race. The fourth race did not work out for us due to sudden changes in the weather along the course of the race. We started with a medium-strong wind, and finished with almost no wind. It was a very difficult race. The second day, according to the forecast, should be passed in less wind, and when we went out on the water, we waited for a while to start in calm. Nevertheless, we managed to hold three races on a southerly wind, not very strong, with a speed of 5-8 knots. The wind was oscillating, so sometimes the right side won, sometimes the left. We had a good understanding of the weather conditions, had a good speed. The rivals here are traditionally very strong, there are many professional helmsmen who are already familiar to us from previous stages. Our team performed well. I think it is important to thank the competitors for interesting races, the organizers for their great job and reception. We got a new interesting experience!“.

From Barcelona, the team travels to Monaco for the final stage of the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022, which will be held from March 3-6, 2022.

FINAL RESULTS of Barcelona Winter Series 2021/2022, Stage 5