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Andrey Pushkin: “Everyone wants to win and show the maximum result – that’s why we go to NSL!”

The Tenzor Legal team will take part in the National Sailing League 2022 in the following staff: helmsman Andrey Pushkin, tactician Pavel Sozykin, bowman – Timofey Zubkov, boatman – Nikita Ushkov.

This will be the third season of participation in the National Sailing League for the team. The debut of Tenzor Legal took place in 2020, and the team became second  in the premier division, receiving a right to participate in Top League. In 2021, the team flag was displayed on the top of the podium at the only stage of the NSL last season.

The goal for 2022 remained unchanged – to fight for the podium and the title of national champion.

Andrey Pushkin: “The first season in the NSL was very successful for me and the team. There was a victory at the stage in Sochi, podiums in Abrau-Durso and Sevastopol. I went to the position of the bowman and tried to perform my tasks well in the crew, simultaneously comprehending the specificity and absorbing the atmosphere of sailing. I spent 2021 and the beginning of the current 2022 sports season on the helm, having tried my forces in the Russian series, and for the first time, in international competitions in Monaco and Barcelona. I can’t say that the NSL is any different from the rest of the series. There is a strong line-up here, and that’s what makes the regatta interesting. Everyone wants to win, everyone has big ambitions, so the result will depend on many factors, including Lady luck. In any regatta, you need to start well, choose the right side, drive the boat well and have a well-coordinated crew. We will try to realize our full potential, I have a great team that is always charged for maximum results!”