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Daniil Odintsov: “The NSL concept is very interesting and even extreme!”

The Tenzor Team will take part in the National Sailing League of the 2022 season with two crews – Tenzor Sport led by Milena Nikitina and Tenzor Legal of Andrey Pushkin. The team already has a victory in the NSL 2021, as well as “silver” podium in the premier division in the 2020 season. In addition, there are a lot of successes and won stages of the NSL in the 2017-2020 seasons in the personal assets of the team members.

The tactician of the Tenzor Sport crew Daniil Odintsov told about his personal experience of participating in the NSL

Daniil Odintsov:The NSL project was started back in 2014 and Russian racers immediately liked it. It attracted a large number of teams to the point that since the third year of the League’s existence, the organizers have made a second division – there were not enough boats for so many competitors. In total, there were up to 28 teams in the top division and about 20 teams in the premier division. This was a super figures: no European country could boast of so many participants. If I’m not mistaken, the League format was invented in Germany and is essentially a competition of yacht clubs that exhibit fully professional sailors. The regatta is hold not under the rules of a particular class of boats, but according to the rules RRS.

The NSL concept is a series of short races of 10-12 minutes, races with transfers. Up to 16 races can be held during the day, so each team races several times according to the schedule of the grid.

My experience in the project is quite large. I’ve been racing for about 3 years in a row. We won several stages, but I can’t boast of the podium results in the overall standings of the season. We have always been close to the podium, in 4-5 positions.

The format of the regatta has its own peculiarities – it’s not a classic race, so everything is a little different, a different strategy and tactics. Communication on the boat is more important than ever, understanding by all team members of what will happen in the next 2 seconds, because all boats are very tight, there are no breaks, the distance is short. The battles are serious and there were cases when 8 boats simultaneously rounded the sign. The concept can even be said to be extreme. The races are very emotional – constant disputes about the rules, someone is spinning, someone is breaking the rules, ampires are actively working on the water, protests are being filed, the fight is very emotional.

Our task at the NSL 2022 is to improve technical aspects, communication,  evaluate ourselves in a different format of racing, and the goal is the same – to win the season!“.