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Ready for the season! Resume of of the second training camp of the Tenzor Team in Turkey

From February 23 to February 26, the men’s team staff of the Tenzor Team consisting of Andrei Pushkin, Daniil Odintsov, Alexander Andrianov and Nikita Ushkov trained fruitfully in Turkish Marmaris. The second planned training camp was held under the coaching of Egor Larionov and gathered a group of three teams: two Russian – Tenzor Team and “Russian Bogatyrs” and one Turkish – EKER.

A great emphasis within the training program of the practice was placed on the development of technique, performing various maneuvers and securing clear communication in the crew.

The first two days were very fruitful. The magnificent sunny weather and a working breeze of 10-12 knots allowed the crews to work at a short distance, practicing turns, winging, rounding, takedowns. It was possible to spend 3.5-4 hours a day on the water, organize six short intensive races, in each of which it was necessary to fulfill the tasks of the coach. The third day was supplemented by work on the yacht settings, and the final day gave a truly driving wind with a force of up to 23 knots, which added intensity to the training process and general impressions.

Team tactician Daniil Odintsov told about the useful experience and the results of the training camp.

“In general, the training passed wonderfully. For three days we worked in conditions of a stable breezy 10-12 knot wind, and on the final day we caught a strong wind up to 23 knots. We have worked out a lot of things, improved the technique and execution of maneuvers, established communication and interaction in the crew. I think that we are very well prepared for the first stage of the Turkish series, and in general, for the season. There is, of course, something else to work on, but this is a constant process, it has been, is and will be. I would like to note that the level from which we started training and to which we came at the end of the training has noticeably improved. Therefore, I am very pleased with the work done, and we will check the rest at the first stage that will take place in a week and half in Turkey.”