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Tenzor Legal team takes the lead in the National Sailing League 2022 after the third stage

The third stage of the National Sailing League of the 2022 season was hosted by St. Petersburg.

From August 11 to 14, the Hercules yacht port became a meeting place for 15 sailing teams, including the most experienced yachtsmen of the country. Tenzor Legal crew, acting with the support of Tenzor Consulting Group and Vedomosti.Sport was entered in the regatta in the same staff as at the previous, victorious stage for the team in Yekaterinburg: Pavel Sozykin on the helm, Danila Odintsov on the position of tactician, Alexander Andrianov and Nikita Ushkov on the sheet and forecastle.

The first race day pleased the participants with excellent wind conditions in the waters of the Gulf of Finland. A good wind of 8-9 knots, which changed in the afternoon to a slightly weaker one, 5-6 knots, allowed for 9 races to be done. Thus, each team had 5-6 races in its assets. The Tenzor Legal crew showed a great result, starting with a winning hat-trick and taking the lead on the first day. The teams Calipso and Arttube remained in the closest rivals.

The second race day turned out to be tense and exciting. The situation on the water was changing rapidly due to a difficult weak wind, which played with the teams with its unexpected “approaches”, giving an advantage to one or the other.

Following the results of 10 races, the Calipso team became the leaders of the classification, ahead of the Tenzor Legal crew by one point. The ZIDart Sailing Team rose to third place (+10 points), ahead of Arttube (+13 points) and ZIGZAG (+14 points). As noted by Tenzor Legal tactician Daniil Odintsov: “Due to unstable wind conditions and weak wind strength, it was more difficult to race. The opponents are all very strong. Our main rival, with whom we are fighting, was favored by luck more than us. There were several situations when it was potentially possible that it should have got a penalty, but there was a green flag. In another race, the final one of the day, we found ourselves in completely different winds right after the start. A very strong wind set in from his side, thanks to which he managed to bounce strongly forward, and we reached only the fifth.”

The final race day at the third stage of the NPL of the 2022 season was held for the Tenzor Legal crew in contrast. Live results of the day showed the first arrival and then only the 8th arrival of the team, which was a real surprise. As it turned out, a bunch of grass intervened, which was caught by the yacht Tenzor Legal at the final race.

Daniil Odintsov: “We won the first race, and the opponent came fourth, which gave us three points of advantage at once. At the next race we had a fatal accident. We were taking the start and literally 30-40 seconds before the start we drove into a bunch of grass that was floating on the surface, but we saw it too late. And further, they tried to remove this grass during the whole race. Despite a great start, already on the first mark we were only in the middle of the fleet, and on the lower mark we were already last and only lagged further. The grass slowed down the boat very much. Diving and taking it off during the race in a very weak wind was not the best option, so we decided to go to the finish line as it is. And yet, even with the 8th arrival in the asset, we finished the regatta in an honorable second place.”

In the final results of the third stage, Tenzor Legal became the second, losing to the winners of the stage – the Calipso team. The top three was closed by the ZIDart Sailing Team.

As for the overall standings of the series after three stages, the Tenzor Legal team took the lead and will try to hold this position in the decisive final stage of the League, which will be held from October 6 to 9 at the Pestovsky reservoir, at the Tenzor Sailing Club.