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Tenzor Legal – the winners of the second stage of the NSL22 series in Yekaterinburg

The Tenzor Legal team successfully won in the second stage of the National Sailing League of the 2022 season, which took place from June 16 to 19 in the wonderful city of Yekaterinburg. The yacht club “Komatek” became the base of the competition. The races were held in the waters of the Upper Iset Pond on the yachts “Ricochet-747”.

Pavel Sozykin, Daniil Odintsov, Alexander Andrianov and Nikita Ushkov entered the race as part of the Tenzor Legal crew. Among the 12 participating teams, all the main contenders for the podium continued to fight in the series.

The regatta program was traditionally opened by training sessions, where the teams got acquainted with the keel yachts “Ricochet-747” and the water area of the Upper Iset Pond, and from Friday, June 17, the races began!

The wind conditions of the first race day left the sailors without a fight. Hot weather with thunderstorms and unstable wind has set in Yekaterinburg. The only race that took place started with a weak wind from 3 to 5 knots. The winner was the Tenzor Legal team, which got off to a good start and maintained its leading position until the finish.

Further, a thunderstorm with heavy rain and periodic wind approaches came to the water area, and according to the decision of the judges, they did not give any more starts.

Ten races were held on the second race day, which allowed to raise the competitive spirit to the maximum.

The Tenzor Legal crew held the lead in a stubborn struggle with strong rivals. Three times the guys came first, once – second and three times fourth. Zoran Paunovich’s ZIDart Sailing Team finished the day 5 points behind the leaders. The Bronenosec team was in the third position, but two more professional teams – Arttube and “Lord of the Sail Moscow” – literally stopped 1-2 points behind.

The final third and decisive day of the regatta maintained the high dynamics of wrestling. The teams attacked, fought and acted at the limit of their capabilities.

The organizers managed to give nine races before summing up the official results of the regatta.

The Tenzor Legal crew of Pavel Sozykin, Daniil Odintsov, Alexander Andrianov and Nikita Ushkov won a landslide victory, securing the lead with the first three arrivals from the five races of the day. Zoran Paunovich’s ZIDart Sailing Team, which won the silver medals, acted very successfully. Igor Lisovenko’s Arttube team took the third place on podium.

Daniil Odintsov: “The regatta turned out great, the team coped 100%. For all the days, only a few blemishes were allowed, which did not affect the result. On the final race day, we chose a strategy to race as safely as possible, not to take risks and control our rivals. We did not get into any controversial, difficult situations, and it bore fruit. We came here to win, and it turned out that way. We are satisfied, happy and grateful to everyone who supported us, the organizers and competitors, special thanks to Tenzor Sailing Club, Tenzor Consulting Group for the opportunity to be here and participate in such a high-level competition!”.