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Tenzor Sport won the Sochi Winter Cup 2021/2022 stage

The first sports weekend of March ended with a confident victory of the Tenzor Sport team at the fifth stage of the Sochi Winter Cup 2021/2022.

From March 4th to March 6th , the Tenzor Sport crew of Milena Nikitina, Daniil Odintsov, Alexander Andrianov and Alexander Grishunin competed in the Black Sea waters of the Imeretinskiy resort in Sochi.

The first day of the race was held in the most difficult weather conditions and very unusual weather for sailing. The rain with hail, the sky shrouded in clouds, the low temperature of +4 +6 degrees and the winds that blew from different directions and with constant changes demanded maximum endurance and strength from the teams.

The Tenzor Sport team managed to register two first arrivals and one second, scoring 4 points on the sum of the three races held and making a large margin in front of the nearest rivals. Evgeny Vasiliev’s Self team showed the second result of the day with 15 points in the asset, and Ruslan Yakupov’s Ugar Crew became the third with 16 points.

On the second race day, Milena Nikitina’s crew celebrated another first and third arrival. Despite the fact that the day began with the expectation of wind, the organizers managed to hold two races on a weak south-westerly wind of 3-6 knots, but quite stable unlike the previous day.

There was a battle for the second and third places. Atoll team of Anatoly Arnautov, which took only sixth place the day before, successfully passed both races, finishing in the top 5, and won silver. The top three leaders were closed by the Russo Trans team of Yuri Morozov, who won back several positions from their rivals. A total of 15 teams were classified in the regatta.

Daniil Odintsov: “Everything went well for us, as planned. Good starts, the right choice of side. The races turned out to be quite comfortable for us both days. A confident regatta, a confident victory – I hope we will continue to perform as successfully.”