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Tenzor Team – bronze medalists of the second stage of the summer mX700 Cup!

From June 11 to 13, the second stage of the summer mX700 Cup took place at the Tenzor Sailing Club  on the Pestovsky Reservoir, located in Moscow region.

The 15 participating teams of the regatta included the Tenzor Team team consisting of Mikhail Yatsun on the helm, Nikita Ushkov in the position of tactician, Anatoly Kordzadze from the student team of the Law Faculty of Moscow State University in the place of the boatman, and experienced Anna Bogomolova acted as bowman.

At the end of the first race day, the Tenzor Team broke into the lead thanks to the productive fourth race, which the crew won. As the team’s tactician Nikita Ushkov noted: “There was a rather weak and very changeable wind blowing in the water area, which forced us to make decisions “for luck” in most situations. The first two races we were very unlucky. In the second race, the start did not work out, and we got penalty twice. In the third race, we went better, more stable, it turned out well to get into gusts. We won the fourth race: we caught the rush well, but the rivals, on the contrary, came badly. As a result, we were in the leaders of the day with arrivals: 7-6-4-1.”

The second and decisive race day was pleased with a more even and stable wind. The teams held five more races, which in the sum of two days allowed to sum up the results of the regatta for 9 races held, minus the two worst results.

The Tenzor Team crew spent the day in a dynamic struggle with rivals, and was able to keep a place on the podium, winning bronze medals. Congratulations to the crew of Mikhail Yatsun, Nikita Ushkov, Anatoly Kordzadze and Anna Bogomolova!

Nikita Ushkov: “The race is over, we are on the podium with the bronze medal, we are satisfied and happy! The wind was quite unstable, but smoother than the day before. By the end of the second race, it was inflated, and the gusts were already up to 10-12 knots. We spent the whole day in a dynamic battle with the Gaswar team. As a result, there were quite a lot of protest situations, as a result, we received penalties many times. This also affected the result. It was a hard day for the team, but we stood up and held the podium! Thanks to the rivals and event organizers!”.