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Tenzor Team confirmed its participation in the Nord Stream Race 2022!

The Nord Stream Race is not only the longest offshore regatta in the Baltic Sea and one of the longest in Europe. Taking place under the motto “Sport unites the Baltic”, the competition is a significant international event integrating sports, culture and business of the five participating countries of the project.

The 1000 nautical mile regatta route takes the start in the German city of Kiel and makes its first stop in Copenhagen, then from Copenhagen the participants proceed to Stockholm, after that they enter Helsinki, and the route ends in St. Petersburg.

The organizing committee of the regatta also tries to complement the sports component with a large-scale cultural program, organize communication between participants and fans during stops in each of the cities along the route, cooperate with important sailing events, for example, the Kiel Week festival, stages of the Sailing Champions League, etc.

The history of the Nord Stream Race dates back to 2012, when the first regatta from Russia to Germany was held, timed to coincide with the launch of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The first edition of the race was a real test for the participants, as it had no intermediate stops. Further, the format of the regatta and its rules changed. In recent years, according to the selection rules, the winners of the national sailing leagues of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany have been invited to participate.

Having achieved the victory in the National Sailing League of 2021, the Russian Tenzor Team received an invitation from the organizing committee of the regatta and confirmed its participation in the Nord Stream Race 2022, which will be held from June 22 to July 9, 2022!

The helmsman and head of the Tenzor Team, Andrey Pushkin, commented on this news: “We are grateful to the organizers of the Nord Stream Race for the invitation. It is a great honor for us to represent Russia in such a major competition. Our team will make every effort to adequately overcome the entire distance and compete for the title of the best Baltic team. Unlike the classic sports regattas, which are well known for us, the Nord Stream Race format also includes offshore stages – transits passes between cities that can last more than a day and require enormous endurance, concentration and the most coordinated work of each team member. It will be a completely new experience for us! In addition, we will have to learn the basics and subtleties of managing the ClubSwan 50 sports yacht, on which the regatta participants run the race. The start of the Nord Stream Race 2022 is still six months away, and emotions are already overwhelming. We plan to prepare intensively, train and always keep a fighting spirit!”.