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Tenzor Team continues to lead in the J/70 Russian Cup after two stages

The second stage of the J/70 Russian Cup  hosted participants from June 24-26 at the “Gals” Yacht Club in Moscow region.

The crew of Tenzor Team Milena Nikitina, Pavel Sozykin, Alexander Andrianov and Mikhail Yatsun went to the start among the 26 teams that showed up for the regatta.

Weather conditions – heat and weak wind on the first race day allowed only 4 races to be held. The crews had to solve difficult tasks – successfully cope with tactics and strategy, guess impulses and hope for luck.

The Tenzor Team crew reached the 4th position with 36 points in the asset at the end of the first race day, losing to the teams “Pirogovo” of Alexander Yezhkov (16 points), “Bars Sailing Team” Karen Stepanyan (24 points), “Russian Bogatyrs” Igor Rytov (34 points).

The team’s tactician Pavel Sozykin commented: “All 4 races we held in a very weak unstable wind. The wind sometimes just stood, and the yachts had to reach it themselves. Everyone’s results are unstable, except for the first two boats, which were able to drive all the races well. For our team, one race turned out very badly. We made a gross tactical mistake at the start, and thus started one of the last, and unfortunately, we did not manage to advance and improve our position at the finish along the way. The other three races went well overall. In the first race, we were marked by the second arrival, which encouraged us. Then they came 22nd, and in the remaining two races they came sixth. At the end of the day, we take the fourth place.”

The second race day, on which many teams pinned their hopes to improve their standings, turned out to be completely calm. The absence of wind and racing left the results of the regatta unchanged.

Following the results of the two stages, the Tenzor Team crew retained the lead in the series.