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Tenzor Team qualified for the final round of the Russian J/70 Cup in the leading “top-4”

From August 19 to 21, the third stage of the Russian Cup in the J/70 class took place in the “Pomestie Gals” yacht club in Moscow region, which gathered 24 teams at the start.

The participants fought for the right to be qualified for the final round of the Series. According to the rules of the competition, only the first 14 teams of the overall Cup standings after three stages received such a right. Thus, the crews were motivated to fight on its maximum.

The Tenzor Team consisting of Milena Nikitina, Pavel Sozykin, Alexander Andrianov and Mikhail Yatsun went to the start as a confident leader of the Cup with a victory in the first stage and fourth place in the second stage. The margin of points in front of the nearest rivals was impressive, however, the third stage made serious adjustments and aggravated the situation in the classification.

The first race day ended for the Tenzor Team with only the 9th result. In the 4 races held, Milena Nikitina’s crew stayed within the top ten. It was not possible to improve the result, since the boat that the team got by the draw was inferior in terms of running and technical parameters. The wind conditions in the water area were good: strong wind, but with large approaches.

As the team’s tactician Pavel Sozykin noted: “We started all the races very well and went out in the leading group, however, the boat that we got turned out to be not running at all and was very different in its parameters, which was expressed in a constant loss of speed. As a result, the peloton gradually “devoured” us and we spent most of the distance in a tight formation, as the leaders went into the gap and we could not get them. So our task was to squeeze the maximum out of the boat, which we did. We didn’t make any rude mistakes, all the starts were successful, the arrivals turned out to be almost all in the top ten“.

The second race day of the Russian J/70 Cup again pleased the participants with a good wind. It was a very dynamic and difficult day for Tenzor Team, which team tactician Pavel Sozykin described as a day of “ups and downs”. As a result, the crew of Milena Nikitina, Pavel Sozykin, Alexander Andrianov and Mikhail Yatsun finished the regatta in 11th place.

Pavel Sozykin: “The 5 races of the final race day were not easy for our team. Only one race was successful – we came second. In the rest of the races, we made mistakes in tactics – somewhere we did not reach the right wind, somewhere we took risks, and this risk did not justify itself. At the same time, all the starts were taken well, but there were ups and downs along the distance. Before the final race, we realized that our results were modest, so we took a very risky start, and it seemed we should not get to a false start, but, unfortunately, we got it. So the final race we have completely dropped out on the result. According to the results of the three stages, we reached the final and kept our position in the leading four with approximately the same number of points, but now there is no margin, and everything is going very tight, so at the final stage we will start from scratch, and it will be a really big final!

The three winners of the third stage were the teams Bars Sailing Team, ZIDart Sailing Team and Arttube.

In the overall standings after three stages, the Tenzor Team has 16 points. The same number of points are on the account of the ZIDart Sailing Team, Bars Sailing Team and “Russian Bogatyrs”. The final of the Russian J/70 Cup will be held from October 26 to 29 in Sochi. The winner and prize-winners of the Series will be determined there.