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Tenzor Team takes “silver” medals at the first stage of the National Sailing League 2023

The Tenzor Team has successfully opened the summer sailing season in Russia, winning the “silver” of the first stage of the National Sailing League 2023.

The crew of the team consisted of helmsman Andrey Pushkin, tactician Daniil Odintsov, boatman Alexander Andrianov and bowman Pavel Sozykin.

On the first of the three race days, the team took the leading positions, taking 2nd place with equal points with the winner of the day, the team “Akhmat”. The Calipso team closed the top three, losing to Tenzor Team by 2 points. Andrey Pushkin’s crew has one victory out of six races, two second arrivals and one arrival each with the third and fourth results.

“The wind was unstable, which is standard for this location. We were ready for such conditions, tried to be as clear as possible from the right side, and in principle, we did it, except for the last race,” said team tactician Daniil Odintsov.

The second race day turned out to be rich in racing. Of the 13 races held, each team managed to race 8-9 races. The crew of Andrey Pushkin’s Tenzor Team scored one winning race, and in general spent the day quite stably, staying in the top three at the finishes. We finished unsuccessfully only once, showing the 6th result. According to the classification of two days, the team settled in second place in 4 points from the leading team “Akhmat”. In addition to the races, the day was also marked by a festive party in honor of the opening of the season at the Tenzor Sailing Club yacht Club.

“There were a lot of races, in general, we drove well. Not ideal, of course, there were tactical mistakes: we did not fall in the right direction, but in fact, almost all the crews sinned today. No one had stable arrivals in top-3. We have one 6th arrival and one fourth, the rest are all in the top three. The fleet is gaining momentum, the teams make few mistakes, so it’s interesting to fight, but it’s real. Akhmat is a strong team, they are chasing professionals, so it’s difficult to compete, but it’s possible,” Daniil Odintsov summed up.

The third and decisive race day was again held in a tense struggle, where every race and every scoring point played a decisive role. The density of the results kept the rivals in suspense, there were false starts, mistakes and general feedback at the start.

The crew of Andrey Pushkin, Daniil Odintsov, Pavel Sozykin and Alexander Andrianov from the six races held issued two first and two third arrivals, but also managed to tickle their nerves in two races that ended only with the 5th arrival. Nevertheless, with a margin of 5 points, Tenzor Team took the honorable second place. The winner of the stage was the team “Akhmat”, and the “bronze” went to the team Calipso.

Daniil Odintsov: “It turned out to be an interesting final day. We had a fight, in fact, with one team. Before the first race, we realized that we could fight for the first place, but we came in it only fifth, and the leaders of “Akhmat” broke away with a comfortable margin, and we were already looking more at the competitors who were in third place – the Calipso team. In general, everything worked out for us, except for one false start, which tickled our nerves and pleased our rivals. We were last in this race, but we rehabilitated and finished fifth, which was very good in the current conditions. In the last race there was a very interesting fight – all three yachts of the leaders raced together. We managed to avoid dangerous situations in the fight with Calipso, and we finished in front of them, although it was enough to come after them no further than three boats. We are very satisfied with the second final result.”