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Tenzor Team will open the 2022 season in Barcelona

The long-awaited opening of the new sports season will take place for the Tenzor Team from January 21st to 23rd in Barcelona, where the fourth stage of the Barcelona Winter Series 2021/2022 will take place.

The Russian team will enter with the main team staff – Tenzor Legal crews led by Andrey Pushkin  and Tenzor Sport with Milena Nikitina.

The regatta in Barcelona takes place on J/70 yachts and gathers a very strong line-up of participants at the start, most of whom are local Spanish professional teams. The Tenzor Legal crew at the third stage of the series in December 2021 proved to be very worthy and competed on an equal footing with rivals, taking second overall place on the stage.

Together with Timofey Zubkov, we remembered the last stage of the Series and talked about the peculiarities of the Spanish water area.

Timofey Zubkov: “In December, our team participated in two international regattas at once – the second stage of the Monaco Sportboats Winter Series (MSWS) and the third stage of the Barcelona Winter Series. Despite the fact that there were much fewer teams racing in Barcelona than in Monaco, it was not easy to fight at all. A third of the participating teams in Spain consisted entirely of professionals, so the sports level was very high, and it was not easy for such strong teams to fight. As for the water area, usually in Barcelona there is a stronger wind than in Monaco and there is no such high wave. But in December, both regattas were distinguished by weak winds. We consider the upcoming stage in Barcelona more as a training one – we will practice starts and maneuvers, experiment with the settings and speed of the boat. The main task is to prepare for the third stage of the Monaco series and for the spring-summer series.”

The program of the fourth stage includes three racing days from Friday, January 21, to Sunday, January 23. The winners will be announced on January 23 at the yacht club of event Organizers Real Club Nautico Barcelona.