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Tenzor Team – winners of the Cup of Russia 2022 in the J/70 class!

From October 27 to October 30, the final of the Russian J/70 Cup of the 2022 season was held in the Black Sea resort Imeretinskiy in Sochi, which was triumphantly won by the Tenzor Team!

The first 14 teams of the overall Cup standings after three stages met in this regatta. The Tenzor Team of Milena Nikitina made it to the finals of the Series among the four leaders with the same number of scoring points. Among the main rivals of the team were such strong teams as ZID art Sailing Team, Bars Sailing Team, “Russian Bogatyrs”, “Pirogovo”, Arttube.

The program of the final stage included one training and three racing days, which ultimately determined the top three of the Russian Cup of the 2022 season and the owner of the title.

After not the most productive training day, which took place in a very weak wind, the start of the Russian Cup in the J/70 class and its first race day pleased the participants with a good wind in the Black Sea.

The organizers gave a start to 5 races, so the day turned out to be eventful and interesting. The Tenzor Team was able to come to the second position twice, there were also two sixth and one seventh arrivals. Following the results of the first race day, the crew of Milena Nikitina, Pavel Sozykin, Daniil Odintsov and Alexander Andrianov showed the fifth result. As Daniil Odintsov noted: “The day turned out to be quite good: there were good starts, there were a little worse. Accordingly, the results with successful starts are in the top-3, and when they took worse starts, it was hard to get out, especially since we are lighter than most teams, and at times we went a little slower. The team is happy with the result, we are in fifth position, quite close to the leaders.”

The three leaders of the day included the Alex Team, Dream Team and ZID art Sailing Team.

The next two race days were spent for the teams waiting for the wind, and only one race took place on the final day of the regatta. Tenzor Team finished the stage in 4th place.

In the overall standings of the Russian J/70 Cup, Milena Nikitina’s team led the classification at the end of four stages and deservedly won the main Trophy and Title of the 2022 season! A brilliant result at the end of the 2022 summer sailing season!

Daniil Odintsov: “A wonderful result, a productive season, the team is very happy! At the crucial stage, we competently planned our actions and completed all the tasks of controlling the rivals, choosing a side, tactics and maneuvering. This is the first victory in the Russian Cup in J/70class for us. We are grateful for the support of the team of our partners – the financial and legal group of companies Tenzor Consulting Group and the information partner – Vedomosti.Sport”, as well as all our fans.”