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Test drive of new mX700 yachts at Tenzor Sailing Club

On the eve of the opening of the new yacht club Tenzor Sailing Club, a test drive of the club fleet of mX700 keel yachts built for TSC in the 2022 season took place in the waters of the Pestovsky reservoir.

On May 8, ten invited teams, including “Russian Bogatyr”, Eyed Mushrooms, Dolce Vita, Kalina Racing Team, “Vostok-Zapad”, Atoll, “Letuchaya Sailing Team” and both crews of Tenzor Team – Tenzor Legal Andrey Pushkin and Tenzor Sport Milena Nikitina held a test regatta.

Experienced yachtsmen tested the new boats in a fresh wind of 6-8 knots with gusts up to 14 knots. The organizers held 4 races and announced the three winners.

Tenzor Sport Milena Nikitina, Daniil Odintsov, Alexander Andrianov and Mikhail Yatsun took second place with 14 points in the asset. The undisputed leader with 7 points was Igor Rytov’s team “Russian Borgatyr”, who scored a hat-trick of the first arrivals. Elizaveta Shestakova’s Eyed Mushrooms team closed the top-3 winners with 16 points.

As noted by the tactician of the Tenzor Sport team Daniil Odintsov, the regatta was excellent, it was possible to test new boats that performed well in racing conditions, get acquainted with a new water area where the team has never raced and get a good experience on the eve of major competitions that will be hosted by the new Tenzor Sailing Club.

In the top five, the regatta was completed by Anastasia Kalinina’s Kalina Racing Team (17 points) and Andrey Pushkin’s Tenzor Legal, who took 5th place with 22 points.