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The “bronze” of the Russian Championship in the J/70 class and the new success of the Tenzor Team!

From September 30 to October 2, the Russian Championship in the J/70 class of the 2022 season took place at the Pirogovskiy reservoir. 17 teams with experienced yachtsmen as part of the crews took part in the status regatta.

The Tenzor Team, acting with the support of the Tenzor Consulting Group and the “Vedomosti.Sport” media, presented the crew consisting of helmsman Andrey Pushkin, tactician Pavel Sozykin, Daniil Odintsov, who took over the functions of bowman, and boatman Alexander Andrianov.



The first race day ended successfully for the Tenzor Team: Andrey Pushkin’s crew became the 5th following the results of four races held.

According to tradition, the Pirogovskiy reservoir met the participants with a difficult and little predictable wind. The wind blew across, twisted, turned sour, it was difficult to navigate the waters. The first arrivals were shown by the Tenzor Team, who won the first race, the Eyed Mushrooms of Elizaveta Shestakova, who recorded two first arrivals at once and the leaders of the day – the Russo Trans team of Yuri Morozov.


As noted by Tenzor Team tactician – an experienced yachtsman and participant of two Olympiads Pavel Sozykin: “We raced conservatively, did not go too far into corners, kept to the left and, catching the wind, won the first race, overtaking the boat going first. Then there was another good race when we came fourth, coming from the start in the leading group and holding the third or fourth position to the finish. Tactics were not changed, although the wind was becoming less stable. In such conditions, it was possible to come both better and worse.

The second race day allowed the Tenzor Team to rise to the fourth position and continue the fight for the podium. The top three remained unchanged, but the gaps between the rivals narrowed. The wind conditions were difficult – there was a very weak changeable wind, so the organizers were able to start only two races.


We got caught in the rain, got wet. All the indicators on the sails stuck, and it was difficult to navigate. In the first race, we took a good start, came second. The second race also started well, but a little unlucky with the wind, turned out to be in the wrong direction. As the race progressed, we improved and were already 4th on the second maneuver, then we made a mistake: it was necessary to control the fleet to a greater extent, which was moving to the right side. As a result, they caught a gust, and we missed several boats, coming to the finish line 9th” – Pavel Sozykin summed up.



The crew of Andrey Pushkin’s Tenzor Team spent the final and decisive race day brilliantly, which allowed the team to climb to the podium of the Russian Championship in the J/70 class with the third place! The winners of the regatta were the Russo Trans team of Yuri Morozov, the “silver” was won by the Eyed Mushrooms of Elizaveta Shestakova.


Daniil Odintsov: “We took the “bronze” and are very pleased with the result! On the final race day, we showed stable arrivals. Before the last race, we even took the first place, but decided not to risk it, to take a safe start. The guys who claimed the “gold”, on the contrary, took a risk, and their risk was justified. They came ahead of us, which allowed them to rise in the final classification. In general, our team drove the regatta very well and efficiently. Andrey is a great man and good helmsman he always charged the team with positivity, good mood and fighting spirit. Everyone coped with their tasks remarkably, putting a good end to the summer season. Tenzor Team has once again shown its potential and its capabilities. Thanks to all our big and friendly team, as well as to those who followed and supported us“.