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The results of Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022 in the story “Sailing”

The debut of the Tenzor Team in the international winter series Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022 was very successful and showed the high sporting potential of the crews of Tenzor Sport Milena Nikitina and Tenzor Legal Andrey Pushkin in the fight against rivals from all over the world.

Milena Nikitina (Tenzor Sport):The rivals in the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series are quite strong, the fight is tight, the rating is tight, so you can both come out in first place, and literally in one or two races go down the rating to the middle of the classification or even to the end. That is, it is very difficult to hold a position here.

In March edition of the program «Sailing» by Alexey Zhirov, we recall how the events of the series developed and summarize the results.