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The Tenzor Legal team becomes the vice-Champion of the National Sailing League 2022!

The grand Final of the National Sailing League of the 2022 season was successfully held at the Tenzor Sailing Club  on the Pestovsky Reservoir.

The solid list of participants included 18 sailing teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tuapse, Minsk, Vladivostok, Ryazan and Taganrog.

Tenzor Legal crew, acting with the support of Tenzor Consulting Group and Vedomosti.Sports, came to the start of the regatta in the status of the leader of the overall standings after three stages, but the lag of the closest rivals was minimal. Pavel Sozykin on the helm, Danila Odintsov on the position of tactician, Alexander Andrianov on the bowman position and Egor Terpigoryev in the role of boatman made up a good staff of Tenzor Legal in the grand final of the NSL.



A fresh wind of 8-15 knots blew all three racing days in the waters of the Pestovsky reservoir, allowing the racing committee to hold a total of 36 races.

The first day of competition showed that at least 6 contenders for the podium are more than determined. The winner of the third stage of the NSL – the Tuapse Calipso team from the first start demonstrated the wonders of techniques and skill on the water – three first arrivals, two second and one third brought Ilya Polishchuk’s team to the leaders of the regatta.

Pavel Sozykin’s Tenzor Legal could not boast of winning races that day, but went sailing steadily in the top three, allowing only one fourth arrival.

It turned out to be a good working day, we have six races to our credit. In the last race, we failed a little bit – we came fourth, and the rest of the arrivals are all in the top three. We were very well tuned, the starts turned out, but we constantly lacked a little luck — we did not reach the wind changes, did not enter into gusts…. As a result, we finished right next to the leaders all the time. We seemed to be doing everything right according to tactics, but we didn’t catch the fart. In general, the day is not bad. I won’t say that we are 100% happy, but the regatta has just begun,” said team tactician Daniil Odintsov.



On the second day of the race, the fight on the water flared up with renewed vigor. Calipso, Arttube, ZID art Sailing Team and other rivals again showed excellent arrivals. The Tenzor Legal crew, who received a penalty and the 6th arrival at the first race, fortunately, were able to rehabilitate themselves and spend the next 5 races at a good level with two first arrivals and three second ones in the asset. At the end of two days, Pavel Sozykin’s team came in third place.

In the sporting aspect, the day was not easy for us — we got two penalties. In the first race, we finished 6th – we got a penalty, lost a lot of time and could not catch up with the fleet. This arrival has slightly spoiled our position in the standings. But then we gathered and worked without failures. This regatta is not easy for us. In terms of technique and mutual understanding, everything is fine, but in positional matters we are a little behind our rivals“, – Daniil Odintsov said at the finish of the day.



The third and final race day did not change the alignment in the top three. Despite the fact that Tenzor Legal successfully went in the same group with the nearest rival – the Arttube team and came ahead, it was not enough to beat them in the overall standings. And Calipso already had a solid margin of advantage after the second race day.

It turned out to be a great regatta. There was an interesting fight, the work of tacticians, helmsmen and all team members. As for our crew, everyone worked on “10 out of 10″. We are very glad that we raced in such a composition, in a good fighting mood. Congratulations to the Arttube team with the second place and, of course, to the winners of this final — the Calipso team. The guys are great fellows! The coastal program, as well as the sports program, were held at the highest level. Summing up the season, I think that we performed remarkably and very well: we took second place in the overall standings and third place in the grand final. It’s worth a lot!” – summed up Daniil Odintsov.

Thus, the honorary “bronze” of the grand final is in the asset of Tenzor Legal, and the main award is that the crew became the vice-Champion of the NSL, which is a great achievement and success for the entire Tenzor Team in the 2022 season.