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The Tenzor Team rises in the rating of the Russian Series Tenzor International Cup 2022

From July 21 to 24, the second stage of Tenzor International Cup 2022 Series took place in the waters of the Pestovsky reservoir.

The list of participants included 22 teams and was full of names of famous titled yachtsmen and sailing teams.

The Tenzor Team, acting with the support of the title sponsor Tenzor Consulting Group and the general information partner Vedomosti.Sports, entered with two main crews on the regatta.

Tenzor Legal by Andrey Pushkin, Pavel Sozykin, Timofey Zubkov and Nikita Ushkov and Tenzor Sport by Milena Nikitina, Daniil Odintsov, Alexander Andrianov and Mikhail Yatsun were set up for maximum results.

In three racing days, 18 races were started. Weather conditions changed every day, as did the intermediate leaders of the rating, which introduced an element of intrigue and unpredictability until the very end.

On the first day, the yachtsmen raced in a fresh wind of 10-12 knots with gusts up to 16-18. For the crew of Andrey Pushkin’s Tenzor Legal, the day was generally not bad. Four successful arrival in the top five and one arrival behind the top-10. The second Tenzor Sport crew also scored three good arrivals out of five.

The second race day was held in contrast – with the sultry heat and changeable wind, which in the afternoon switched to the “windless” mode. There was a change of leader in the rating of the regatta, for the crews of Andrei Pushkin and Milena Nikitina, the day turned out with varying success.

As Alexander Andrianov noted: “The starts didn’t work out a bit, and this is the main part of the problem for our crew. We need to train more to improve the results with the starts. Technically, we went well, and our helmsman, Milena Nikitina, showed herself well. The Tenzor Legal crew, according to comments of Nikita Ushkov, “the first race did not work out, as it did the day before. It was not possible to quickly guess the right side of the wind, which was extremely unpredictable. Then, when they already understood where to go, everything went more clearly and calmly. Tactically, the team tried not to take risks once again and stick to stability.”

The final race day put all the dots over the “i” in the positional arrangement of the leading group.

The crew of Tenzor Sport Milena Nikitina managed to improve their position and take 4th place at the stage.

Danila Odintsov, Tenzor Sport tactician: “The third day of the competition turned out well for us: two races in difficult conditions were successful. And even those races that were canceled, we also went well: we took good starts, got into the right impulses and approaches. In general, I rate our performance at the regatta on a stretched “four” on a five-point scale. There are nuances that need to be worked on, mainly for me as a tactician. But there is already progress compared to the previous stage, where we were fifth. We always have the mood to win and be in the top three, and we want to race efficiently and be satisfied with the result. The global goal is for the crew to work like clockwork, so that we understand each other and improve in all aspects and relationships.”

Andrey Pushkin’s Tenzor Legal finished the regatta in 7th position.

Pavel Sozykin, Tenzor Legal team tactician: “On the final day of the regatta, we mostly watched our rivals race more than we fought for the result ourselves. We had one more race the day before than the other teams, and today we had two races to rest, and the third race was crucial for us. There was no wind at all, it changed and prevented the judges from holding the race. For many, the third race was decisive: according to the results of this race, the distribution of places from 3 to 8 took place. Unfortunately, we made a number of tactical mistakes, we had a chance to climb a good step in the standings, but we did not use this chance. In two stages, we have the seventh place twice, and of course we are upset that we did not manage to climb higher, but this is sport. We will be preparing for the 3rd stage and show the maximum that we are capable of.”

Following the results of the two stages of the Tenzor International Cup 2022 Series, the Tenzor Sport crew rose to 4th place with a gap of only 3 points from the nearest rival, and Tenzor Legal is on the 7th line with a gap of 5 points from the prize podium.

Thus, both teams retain good chances to compete for the podium in the series already at the next third stage, which will take place from September 8 to 11.