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The Tenzor Team wins the bronze medal at the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024

From January 12 to 14, the participants of the open winter series of the Tenzor International Cup 2023/2024 met again in Bodrum to play a new batch of scoring points at the second stage of the tournament.

The list of participants was expanded and strengthened by Turkish teams, which included experienced international yachtsmen.

The Tenzor Team crew performed in its main staff – helmsman Andrey Pushkin, tactician Daniil Odintsovo, boatman – Alexander Andrianov and bowman – Nikita Ushkov.

After winning the first stage, the Tenzor Team led the classification, and of course, they were determined to repeat the success and strengthen their positions.

On the first day of the regatta, the opening ceremony took place, but it was not possible to hold the races – the wind was very weak and unstable, and all attempts to start ended unsuccessfully.

But the next two racing days were full of drive and sports battles on the waters of Aspat Bay.

On Saturday, January 13, the regatta participants have met with a very strong wind blowing from the shore. On gusts, the wind force reached 28-30 knots, so the teams operated in high-risk mode.

Tenzor Team acted smoothly and were in the lead during the two races, claiming the first positions, however, unforeseen accidents occurred in both races that affected the results.

Daniil Odintsov (tactician, Tenzor Team): “We raced near the shore, so the races were comfortable for such a strong wind. Our day turned out ambiguously: the starts were very good, close to the line, we were in the lead in both races, but twice in two races we had accidents, as a result of which we came 4th and 3rd, respectively. In the first race, we missed to the yacht on the right tack, we got a strong wind change. This boat started to pull away, and we were brought in. They were heavily heeled over, and we hit the masts against each other. It turned out that we broke the rules, unwound, came 6 or 7, and eventually finished fourth. In the second race, we were in the lead the whole race and already at the last fly down wind we got a very strong gust, went into broaching. The yachts coming from behind saw this, managed to fall off and got this rush without broaching, bypassing us.”

The leaders of the first day were the teams “Russian Bogatyrs” and Dolce Vita.

The decisive competition day on Sunday was rich in racing. The judging panel held 5 races. The wind conditions were calmer and more favorable, but a fresh wind of 20-22 knots did not allow the participants to relax on tacking and the crew worked in planing mode at full course.

Daniil Odintsov: “We managed to hold 5 races in a good strong wind up to 22 knots. This time the races were in the neighboring water area, the conditions were slightly different, the wind worked differently. We’ve had both successful and unsuccessful races. In general, the day turned out to be quite difficult for the team, there were tactical and technical mistakes, which affected the final arrivals. It happens, sometimes there are difficult days, so we got one of those days. Nevertheless, we took and retained the podium third place. At the next stage, we will try to fight our rivals in a closer battle and not let them get so far away in the standings. Our goal is to continue fighting for the leading position in the series”.

The third stage of the Tenzor International Cup – J/70 Open Winter Series 2023/2024 awaits participants from February 8 to 11!